Pj's Laundry

We have NEW washers and more dyers for you to use!

Wash your comforters here!

We have JUMBO 6 load washing machines for comforters and 75lb dryers that will dry up to 8 loads at one time!

PJ’s saves you money!  You can use one large machine instead of several small machines and SAVE MONEY!

Morning wash Special!  We open at 6am and until 7am, Our 60 and 30lb washers are just $1.00 !!  come early and save even more money!

Drop off laundry service starts at 7am! let us do your laundry and spend your time doing something else!

We now have washers for OIL FIELD clothes, if its dirty, bring it to us!

You can wash construction clothes, Dog bedding, horse blankets and your car floor mats here!

Come see our changes!